It looks like the only thing worse for Sony than making a movie about the assassination of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is the wrath that they felt when they announced yesterday that they’d be pulling it from theaters. When Sony let news drop yesterday that they’d be caving to the threat from North Korean hackers, the internet and most of Hollywood shat a collective brick. Now, realizing that it doesn’t matter how badly hacked you get if your audience has no respect for you, it looks like the studio might have made an about face.

Sony has just released a new trailer for the film which features, in large print, the words: In Franco and Rogen We Trust. The trailer also still has the Christmas Release date attached to it. Does this mean that we’ll be seeing the movie in theaters? Probably not. However, we’ll probably be getting a VOD release. Then, we can all see that we’ve been fighting over a crappy film this whole time.