In a recent interview with DVD Insider, Todd McFarlane provides an update regarding the progress of the new “Spawn” film and where he and the studios are currently at in terms of script and development.

Here’s some of what McFarlane had to say about Spawn:
I’m three quarters through it. I’ll finish it and put it on a shelf for about a week. What usually happens is, I come back to it so I can see all the flaws. I do a rewrite and there’s a first draft at that point. Then I’ll start soliciting comments from people I trust to see if I can get the script into working shape. If I can’t, I’m open to someone coming in and helping me with it.

A few studios have phoned me to talk about the project] and when I walk into these pitch meetings, I go here’s the story. I give them the broad strokes. Then I go, here’s the non-negotiable part: I write, produce, direct. That’s it.

There’s only one way a studio is going to say yes, that’s if it’s a low-budget movie. To be honest, as a producer, even I wouldn’t hire myself to direct a big-budget film. There are smarter people out there. But if you’re making it for $10 million to $12 million, you’re just going to go get some schmuck director so let me be the schmuck.

Additionally, McFarlane says that there will be no super villains in the new “Spawn” reboot. It will be a “spook movie, something scary going bump in the night.” Does this mean the new “Spawn” will be more based on the supernatural side of things rather than the super heroics? If so, it would an interesting new take on the superhero genre and could potentially bring in NYPD homicde detectives Sam Burke and Maximilian “Twitch” Williams. Characters also created by McFarlane in the Spawn universe.

Source: MyDVDInsider