When we first heard the news that Spirit Halloween was getting a movie, we were curious, but our expectations were low. The good news about the trailer is that it looks a little better than the one Rob Zombie released for The Munsters.

In the film, three kids decide to camp out inside of a Spirit Halloween store, only to find that the merchandise is being haunted by a ghost. Hijinx ensues. If there’s one real shock about the film is that it has both Christopher Lloyd and Rachel Leigh Cook playing major roles in the story.

Now the real question is whether this film will be bad in the kind of way that it could become a cult classic, or if it will just be bad?

“Rachael Leigh Cook plays Sue, a recently remarried widow whose teenage son Jake decides to camp out at the Spirit Halloween in an abandoned strip mall with his friends on Halloween night. Surprise, surprise: the kids “get more than they bargained for when an angry spirit [possesses] the animatronic characters inside.”