OK, let’s dive right into the details here…

First thing’s first. This is not going to be your Grandpa’s Alien film. If you are walking in and expecting something like the previous movies than check your expectations at the door… this will be totally different.

– The film’s main creatures are a terraforming race of aliens called “The Growers”.

– They use human slaves and xenomorphic aliens to help them terraform planets.

– Over the course of the film, the Xenomorphs will actually evolve or mutate into the aliens we know today.

– The space Jockey from the first Alien film is a “Grower.”

– Growers have little understanding of human biology and use mind control to force two human male slaves to get it on… We assume like Donkey Kong.

– in a nod to the previous films, the main characters will be a crew of Humans who encounter the growers… Hijynx ensue…

– Word is that there is a role in the film for Lance Henricksen. Assuming that this film leads directly into the first Alien film, this could actually make sense.

Source: Slashfilm