The season finale of season three of AMC’s The Walking Dead is coming up on Sunday. That means that the war between the prison and Woodbury is finally going to happen. We know that people are going to die. There’s no way to avoid it… beside, it wouldn’t be The Walking Dead if someone didn’t die. What is surprising is just how big the death toll will be.

Well, the cast recently sat down with Rolling Stone Magazine and they gave the exact number. They don’t say who will die, but we will know how big the grave needs to be. It is a spoiler, so don’t scroll down if you don’t want to know. However, if you do want to know, just scroll down and find out!

For the season finale, Lincoln promises, there will be blood. “Twenty-seven people die,” he says. “It’s safe to say it is all hands to pumps. It’s a crazy season finale.” It’s a good bet that among those 27 casualties will be some central figures in the cast. Part of The Walking Dead’s mojo is its willingness to dispatch even its most beloved characters. “The reality is nobody is safe,” says Morrissey. “But that’s the ticket we bought.

Source: RollingStone