Squid Game wasn’t just a great show, it was a great show that hit the world when it was a captive audience running out of things to watch. With its drama, social commentary, and graphic violence, the show became an instant hit in the US as well as around the world. Now the creator of the show,  Hwang Dong-hyuk, is in the early stages of developing a new series that will satire the show’s rise to fame.

Dong-Hyuk revealed the news in a new interview with Deadline. He didn’t say much, as the show is still in its infancy, but he did say that “the satirical comedy would be a reflection on Squid Game’s overnight success, based on his personal experience of being thrust into the limelight.”

The show sounds like it could be interesting, but it’s going to be a while before we see anything on it. As the article went on to explain, Hwang has three projects that are already in development including  The Best Show on the Planet, a feature inspired by a novel by revered Italian essayist Umberto Eco and the second season of Squid Game.