Getting into big panels at Star Wars Celebration can be a challenge. While I would have loved to see the 40th Anniversary Panel or the Last Jedi Panel, I wasn’t going to camp out overnight to make it happen. Thankfully, I did have press access to the Rebels panel and it was great. There wasn’t a ton of news released at the panel, short of a couple seriously major announcements that I’ll get to in a second, but in general, it was a huge love fest for the cast and the fans as we prepare to celebrate the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels.

That’s right. The first big bit of news is that Dave Filoni announced season 4 of the show would be the final season. He went on to tell the fans that he wanted his Rebels to have a complete character arc and he felt that he could give them that in the fourth season. He also said that he knows what it feels like to have a show taken away from you before you can give it a proper ending so he feels really lucky to have that experience.

Other big bits of news from the panel include:

– Star Wars legend, Warwick Davis is joining the cast of Rebels in season four as Roohk, the savage assassin of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

– Katee Sackoff will be returning to play Bo-Katan once again (she had previously voiced the character in The Clone Wars). We don’t know how big a role the sister of Satine will play in this season, but it seems like there will be a pretty significant arc between her and Sabine Wren.

– Forrest Whittaker will be returning to once again voice Saw Guerra.

– Agent Kallus is back and he doesn’t seem to have cut his hair since being saved by Phoenix Squadron. Amazingly though, he’s still got the mutton chops. There was no word on what role he’ll be playing this year, but there was a lot of joking about the trending of #hotkallus online last year after his hair got mussed up during his escape. Filoni also noted that, as much as fans liked that small strand of hair across his face, it was very expensive to animate.

– One of the highlights of the panel was the screening of the teaser for season 4. I’ve posted that for you below.

– The panel was closed out with the screening of the first episode from season four. I won’t give any story details about it, but I will say that it picks up pretty exactly where season three leaves off, with Sabine’s quest to save her father.