Latino Review is reporting that they’ve got the inside track on two stars who just auditioned for major parts in Star Wars Episode VII

First up, LR is reporting that Rachel Hurd Wood has gone in to audition for the role of Princess Leia’s daughter. They are also saying that she’s the only person who has gone in to read for the part. That doesn’t mean that she will be the only one going for it, just that she’s the first.

I like where it’s going with her. She’s been in stuff, but she’s not really broken out yet. He biggest role was actually as Wendy in the 2003 Peter Pan movie. This means she comes into the movie without people having too many pre-conceived notions about her.

Next up is Alex Pettyfer. LR is reporting that he’s auditioned for from role of Luke’s son. He’s got a few more credits to his name. Most recently, he starred in Magic Mike and held a supporting role in The Butler.

On a final note, LR says that Lucasfilm is preparing to drop a major casting announcement, possibly as early as later today. If that happens, we’ll have it here for you.

Source: LR