The Star Wars Show, Disney/Lucas’ official online Star Wars vlog, just released the first clip from season three of Star Wars Rebels, and it looks like some things have definitely changed.

The clip was revealed by Dave Filoni during the broadcast and it features Ezra, Sabine and Zeb breaking Hondo and an Ugnaught out of captivity. The biggest reveal in the clip is Ezra. I’m not sure if they’ve done a time jump here, but he definitely feels older. He’s cut his hair, losing the look that had many comparing him to Disney’s Aladdin. He’s also brandishing an new Blaster and Lightsaber, as wells as some pretty impressive new lightsaber skills.

There’s a good chance that we’ll be seeing some new clips in the next few days. The first two episodes of the season will be screened at Star Wars Celebration on Saturday.

You can also check out the complete Star Wars Show, HERE:

Source: Makingstarwars