There’s a huge rumor floating around some of the Star Wars sites that alleges not all of the original trilogy characters are going to survive The Force Awakens. Let’s dive right in.

The new rumor, which comes to us via Making Star Wars, and from other sources to them, is that either Han Solo or Chewbacca will die during the next movie. From a logistics standpoint, either of these would make sense. Peter Mayhew can’t really keep up the action sequences much longer. I’m amazed he’s still at it. Meanwhile, Harrison Ford seems to keep injuring himself so much that it’s amazing he’s even still alive.

Here’s the quote from their source:

“He watched a scene being shot at Greenham common airbase in which Leia is sad and says ‘I don’t know how he will cope without him’, my source told me Han Solo dies, I quizzed him and he said he just presumed, I then asked who was she talking to, he said a couple of Wookiees but now Chewy, I asked him could you have meant that Chewy dies, he said that might of been the case, he didn’t know just that one of them does.”