Starz has officially canceled “Camelot” and will not pursue their medieval drama series for a second season.

According to a representative for the cable network the show will not be renewed “Due to significant production challenges.” As a result “Starz has decided not to exercise the option for subsequent seasons of Camelot with our production partners GK-tv, Octagon Films and Take 5 Productions.”

Starring Joseph Fiennes, Eva Green, Claire Forlani, “Camelot” was a visceral tale of idealism, adventure and romance, that chronicled the story of a young King Arthur.

This doesn’t surprise me, as the show was never that original or interesting. So far Starz has a pretty awful track record for original series and I can’t honestly say I’ll be starting a petition any time soon wanting to bring it back.

Plus, I could never get over the fact that King Aurthur reminded me of the WWE wrestler Edge. Put a fork in it, it’s done.