This isn’t the geekiest story, but it’s still pretty awesome. Steve Harvey is possibly one of the hardest working people in all of show business. Along with The Steve Harvey Show, he hosts The Family Feud as well as at least one show on NBC. Today, while the actor and comedian was traveling through Africa, it was announced that they would be launching a local spin-off of the show and Steve Harvey would be hosting it.

Deadline broke the news earlier today with this quote from the host:

“Bringing Family Feud to Africa has long been a dream of mine,” Harvey said. “I believe Family Feud will become a household name for local South African and Ghanaian families. And this is just the beginning in Africa. I expect this show to lead to multiple media and business projects in and throughout the continent.”

The surprising news here is that there isn’t already an African version of The Family Feud. In the years since the show was launched in 1976, it has spread to over 70 countries including the U.S., United Kingdom, Australia, France, India, and Indonesia. Now a continent that has only ever been able to watch the show in syndicated re-runs will have their very own edition, hosted by none other than Steve Harvey. Production on the new series is set to start towards the end of this year in Johannesburg.

Here’s a recent instagram post of Steve in Central Ghana.