Stumptown, starring Cobie Smoulders, Jake Johnson, and Michael Ealy has just been canceled by ABC, only a couple of months after having been officially renewed for a second season. The reason for the cancellation wasn’t that the show is bad or unpopular, but that production delays relating to COVID-19 were too significant for the network to deem worth it.

The good news for the show is that the studio behind it, ABC Signature, has already stated that they’ll be shopping it around to other networks. Based on its following and the strength of its cast, we would not be surprised if there’s an announcement coming down the road sooner than later from Netflix, Hulu, or possibly even HBO Max. We don’t see Peacock making a play for this one. One way or another, we hope the show finds a way to continue, because it was one of the better stories to hit network TV last year.