Some interesting new news on the upcoming DC/ WB Suicide Squad film directed by David Ayers. New reports are saying that we’ll find out that the reason Harley Quinn is currently estranged from The Joker is that she feels immense guilt over the death of Jason Todd – one of Batman’s Robins.

If you’ve picked up a Batman comic in the last decade or have seen the animated Under The Red Hood comic, you know that Jason Todd didn’t die when the Joker beat him mercilessly. Instead, he eventually came back as The Red Hood.

With this new nugget about Suicide Squad, we are now also hearing that Red Hood is going to be a priority character for WB when it comes to upcoming films. Additionally, they’ve been in contact with the team behind last year’s John Wick about an upcoming project.

I appreciate WB’s ambition with the DC comics film universe, but it’s starting to feel like they are biting off more than they can chew and then trying to swallow it all a bit too fast.

Source: LR