The fine folks over at Coca Cola are spending mad money on this year’s Super Bowl. That means a lot of commercials. Catch them all here as they go live!

The first Coke commercial of the game is titled “Superstition” and shows that even the Coke Polar Bears have little rituals that they use to help bring them luck on game day.

Here’s the second, which actually was conditional on how the game was going in Q2.

Now.. oh hell, there’s way too many of these. Here they all are. You do have to give them cred it though for making 2 versions of a lot of the commercials depending on how the game went down. That is probably why they don’t have sound on them.

Apparently, a lot of this wasn’t ad content as much as it was set up for a live cast of the Super Bowl watching party from Coke, starring the Coke Bears. In a bit of a techno mishap, it looks like they might need to plan better next time because the link for the site is “down for scheduled maintenance.”