We were ready to seriously hate Superman and Lois. Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman had previously just been Supergirl’s second fiddle in appearances on her CW series, so expectations were very low. Oddly enough, we are seriously digging it so far. It’s got a more grown-up vibe than other Arrowverse shows and a seemingly upgraded visual aesthetic that really works for the series. So, it is a pretty big bummer that the show will now be going on a brief hiatus after episode 5 airs on March 23 because of a COVID-19 shut down on set.

Filling the hole on March 30th will be Supergirl, now coming back for a slightly earlier premiere date for her sixth and final season. The swap out will continue until May 11th when Superman and Lois will Return.

While not confirmed, it has been heavily rumored that Melissa Benoist’s Kara Zor-El will meet her maker by the end of the final season. According to rumors, it was requested by Benoist as a fitting end to her run on the character and a great way to close the door permanently on this chapter of her career.