Michael B. Jordan has wracked up an epic film career considering that the actor is only 32-years-old. He’s had critical acclaim for Fruitvale station, helped revitalize one of the biggest franchises in film history with Creed and Creed 2. He became one of the best and most loved villains in the MCU when he appeared in Black Panther as Kilmonger, and he survived being in a film as bad as Fan4Stick with his career intact. Now the actor is looking at a bigger role, in fact, he’s looking at one of the biggest – Superman.

Variety is reporting that the actor has met with Warner Bros to pitch his take on Superman for a possible future film at the studio. We know that JJ Abrams may have a hand in the film as part of his new deal with the studio, but he could just as easily head over and tackle the reported new film adaptation of Green Lantern. Either way, studio execs are very keen on making Superman “relevant to modern audiences,” which generally means the studio is worried that the current structure of the hero won’t be relatable to a diverse population.

While Jordan apparently has big ideas for the franchise, he reportedly isn’t ready to commit due to his own very busy schedule. To translate that, what we mean is, they haven’t talked money yet, or if they have, Warner Bros hasn’t brought him enough to make playing the most well-known superhero in the world worth his while. Either way, the clock is ticking as we move towards WB’s plan to release a new Superman movie in 2023.