In a recent interview, Andrew Garfield, the star of Marc Webb’s new Spider-Man 3D reboot revealed that he cried when he first put on his Spider-Man costume.

It’s bizarre and I have to not look at my face. It’s strange and surreal to be wearing it and I won’t lie I actually shed a tear when I first wore the spandex for the first time. I didn’t expect to get so emotional but I did.

Garfield is either over-dramatic, overtly sensitive or really really excited to play Spider-Man. But who can blame him, his career and life is about to change for the best. Cosplayers dress up as Spider-Man all the time, but Garfield’s the only guy (next to Tobey Maguire) who’s getting paid to do it.

“Spider-Man” Reboot is currently in production and has a tentative release date of July 3rd, 2012.