LA Times is reporting that FOX has their sights on Swedish music video directer Adam Berg as the director of their upcoming “Deadpool” film. If Berg lands the gig, it would be his break into the “biz” as it will be his first feature film.

Reports indicate that both the studio and actor Ryan Reynolds were impressed with the directors short film/commercial, “Carousel” as well as his other video and commercial work. Not having heard of him, the first thing I did was watch his work, and I can see why FOX is interested in him. From what little I’ve seen, Berg definitely has my vote of confidence! If there is one concern, it would be his over use of slow-mo. But I’m sure it’s correctable.

If Berg were to land the gig, he would take over for Robert Rodriquez who was originally attached to direct. Additionally there is also a chance that Rodriquez may stay on, but only as producer.

Check out Berg’s short film “Carousel” below. It’s got a chaotic/Watchmen vibe that I’m sure you’ll all dig.

Here are some of his other bodies of work:

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