Sylvester Stallone’s All-Star action flick The Expendables was a major hit at the box office last year. Now, with the sequel just 8 months away, a writer has popped up to claim that Stallone stole the script from him.

According to Deadline, Marcus Webb claims that he filed a copyright on a script called the Cordoba Caper back in 2006. He also claims that this script is nearly identical to that of ‘The Expendables’.

Logic would pretty much state that the chances of this script being stolen are pretty slim. The fact is, The expendables, while really fun to watch, was not filled with super original ideas. It was, just like its’ cast, an all star collection of action movie cliches that really only work because of the awesome collection of actors put together to make it by Stallone.

It is not beyond belief that Stallone came up with the same set of cliches all on his own.

Source: deadline