Taika Waititi has dipped his toe in the water by directing some of the hit-series The Mandalorian and voicing the Assassin/turned Nanny-droid IG-11 in the series. Now word is coming down that he could be coming back to take a bigger bite of the Star Wars apple.

While the director is currently getting ready to shoot Thor: Love and Thunder his follow-up to Thor: Ragnarok, a film that is credited with revitalizing the entire Thor franchise, THR is currently reporting that Disney and Lucasfilm are looking at him to take the reigns of his own film for the Star Wars franchise in the near future.

We don’t have any details beyond that for now. For all we know it could be a Disney+ series and not a film. All we know is that we are down for it. While we don’t think Disney or Kathleen Kennedy have the balls to do it, we’d love to see Waititi adapt the classic Dark Horse Tag and Bink series for Disney+.

On a side note, Waititi is still attached to direct a live-action version of Akira for Warner Bros after he finishes up with Thor. If anyone had a chance of making that movie good, it could be him. With that said, we are completely OK if Akira never gets made into a live-action movie.