Perhaps the biggest news of the day (I say this with pure sarcasm), Taylor Kitsch (Wolverine: Origins) has signed on for a lead role in Peter Berg’s adaptation of the Battleship board game.

The “John Carter of Mars” star will play Alex Hopper, a “wildly spirited” Naval commander who’s forced to lead an international fleet of battleships in a fight against H2O friendly aliens (Take that M. Night!) that have come to Earth for obvious reasons — enslave and destroy mankind.

“Battleship” is written by Jon and Eric Hoeber, and will hopefully feature an international cast. Yes, despite what “ID4” tells you, the rest of world isn’t going to sit idle while Earth is being invaded.

“Battleship” isn’t expected to hit theaters until May 25, 2012 and will be one of the few movies not in 3D.