Video game maker Telltale Games (Back to the Future, Monkey Island) has acquired the rights to Image Comics’ “The Walking Dead” as well as Vertigo’s “Fables.”

Rumors were abound earlier concerning Telltale’s involvement with “The Walking Dead” after the company teased that they were working on a popular, recently-released television and comic book property. At the time, “The Walking Dead” was the only entertainment property that matched and now officially, zombie fans can rejoice knowing that that it is coming true.

But that’s not all. Fans of Bill Willingham’s epic “Fables” will be getting their own game courtesy of Telltale Games too.

Telltale Games is no stranger to transforming an entertainment property into an adventure game. This is, however, their first time adapting a comic book property into a video game. But after playing the much hyped “Back to the Future” I believe the properties are in good hands.

Both “The Walking Dead” and “Fables” should be a nice fit for the developer’s particular style. I can only hope that they beef up the animation or retain the adult elements to make TWD a horror and Fables an adventure.

I guess only time will tell whether they live up to the source material or not. But here’s to hoping. Don’t let us down Telltale!!