It may be time to put a pin in the long-cursed reboot of the originally cursed Crow movie adaptation. After what seems like infinite starts and stops to the project, it’s now being reported that both the star (Jason Momoa) and the director (Corin Hardy) have both left the project. In theory, the film could still make its October 11, 2019 release date, but there’s little chance that it will be ready to start filming in the next five weeks like was originally planned.

The reason for the departure is the continued friction between Sony Pictures and Davis Films, the company that owns the rights and is financing the film. They are currently calling the friction “creative differences,” but at this point, it is becoming unclear why any studio would want to gamble on a reboot of a cult hit that is being managed by what appears to be a company that likes being difficult for the sake of being difficult.

You’d have to imagine that Sony is currently asking itself if the risk is worth the reward?