According to Variety, The CW is currently developing a series based on Robin, the Boy Wonder, otherwise known as Batman’s nameless sidekick. The show will explore Robin’s alter-ego Dick Grayson and the Grayson family pre-Caped Crusader days and just prior to partnering up with the insane “god damn” Batman.

Produced by Warner Bros. and directed by McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision (Supernatural), “The Graysons” will appear on the U.S. network The CW.

It is also reported that “The Graysons” is seen as a potential replacement for The CW’s long running sensation, “Smallville,” which is expecting/rumored to conclude its run this season.

The hour long “Graysons,” will take place in contemporary times and will be loosely based off the iconic comic book character. For the most part, however, “The Graysons” will have a modern and original spin, as Dick “DJ” Graysons who explores the mystery of being an adolescent, discovering first loves, cross rivals, family situations and much more.

Source: Variety