I heard of a magical land way out west. All the world’s most creative people used their imaginations to make stories and movies unlike anyone had ever seen. Full of hope and inspiration, I headed west. Sadly, all I found was Hollywood, land of remake.

Seriously, why do we need a remake of this movie? ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ is one of those near perfect movies that you just don’t mess with. What’s next? Quentin Tarrantino’s remake of Schindler’s List?

Somewhere deep down inside, I know Keanu can do more than say: “Whoa.” He’s been in some pretty good movies over the years and the fact that he’s playing an emotionless alien will definitely help. There’s also the bonus of getting to see Jennifer Connelly. She’s been fun to watch ever since ‘Labrynth.’

One thing is for sure, this movie has almost nothing to do with the original. It seems more like they just wanted to use the title to boost the box office. The trailer below looks cool though. You be the judge. Now, if they would only make a movie of “Childhood’s End.” That would blow all these other movies out of the water.

For those of you out there who still respect one of the perfect old movies to watch on a rainy Sunday Afternoon, here’s the trailer for the original film.