At this point, what we are going to show you is only a spoiler if you have never heard the story of Sam Wilson taking up the mantle of Captain America. But, there are a lot of Disney+ fans who have never read the comic books, so we put spoiler in the title.

A new teaser dropped and now seems to have been taken down that gives us our first glimpse of Sam Wilson in full gear as Captain America. We’ll keep the video up as long as we can, and we’ve got the best screen grab we could get for you (It’s still not great) so you can see something if you want before tomorrow’s series finale.

Now, if you look at the trailer and pay close attention, we think we may have actually found another goodie for you. There’s a guy in a falcon suit chasing a helicopter at the 24 second mark. We don’t think that’s Sam. In fact, we think that might be our first look at the new Falcon, Joaquin Torres. When we last saw Torres, Sam had given him the broken wings to get rid of. Given that we know he becomes The Falcon in the comics (even if it is through genetic experimentation), we know that no one gets a super suit and just gets rid of it…

We’ll find out what happens tomorrow when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier comes to its climactic finale!