We’ve heard a lot about the upcoming The Lord of the Rings TV series in the last years and a half, but now we know how much longer we’ll have to wait until we see it. Today Amazon announced that the show will finally make its way to their Prime streaming platform in 13 months on Friday, September 2, 2022. With a price tag of over half-a-billion dollars, we hope they are taking the time to make sure it’s as close to perfect as possible.

The challenge of this new series is that it has to live up to the legacy of Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogy, and it has to leave a better taste in the mouths of fans than the Hobbit trilogy did. The good news is that the space between how good one was and how bad the other was is big enough to drive a freakin planet between.

Along with the release announcement, we were also treated to our first beautiful image from the new series: