If you haven’t seen ‘The Muppets’ on the big screen yet, then you can now put a name to that empty feeling that you’ve got deep inside your soul. I’m actually heading off to see it again this weekend.

Jason Segel really did a great job putting the film together and was able to pack it full of so many surprises that there were still some gems leftover for theater goers after all the trailers and marketing for the film.

One of the big treats of the movie was the song “Man or Muppet”. Not only was it a great music number, but there is a special surprise guest in the song that Disney was able to keep secret until the film’s release. If you don’t know what I’m talking about either get to the theaters as soon as possible or click on the video below.

Just be warned, if you are planning on seeing this in theaters, don’t watch the vid, just enjoy the surprise on the big screen.