Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 cult classic ‘The Room’ is either the worst or best movie ever made (depending on who you ask). The movie is so poorly written, directed and acted (by Tommy) that it has earned a place of regard so high among movie buffs that it still gets screened monthly in Los Angeles.

Now, the folks over at Machinima have decided that Tommy Wiseau warrants additional camera time so they have created the ‘Tommy Wi-Show’.

The series is officially described as “part talk show, part video game reviews, and infinite amounts of weird sci-fi insanity.”

In it, Tommy will be kidnapped by aliens and then forced to play and make fun of video games. It sounds a lot like Mystery Science Fiction Theater 3000, which is ironic because ‘The Room’ is just the type of movie that would have been perfect for that show.

The Tommy Wi-Show premieres September 25th on YouTube.

Source: Dailygeek