There is really nothing that can be done to stop internet piracy. Each year, more and more people figure out how to get online and get the shows and movies that they want to see without having to pay the studios or sit through all the advertisements. Today, has released their lists of the top ten movies and top ten TV shows that were pirated throughout 2012. While the TV list is just about what I expected, with Game of Thrones and Dexter leading the pack, I was pretty surprised to see Project X and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol beat out The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers.

Here are the lists of the shows and how many downloads they each had:

1 Game of Thrones 4,280,000
2 Dexter 3,850,000
3 The Big Bang Theory 3,200,000
4 How I Met Your Mother 2,960,000
5 Breaking Bad 2,580,000
6 The Walking Dead 2,550,000
7 Homeland 2,400,000
8 House 2,340,000
9 Fringe 2,280,000
10 Revolution 2,130,000

1. Project X 8,720,000
2. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol 8,500,000
3. The Dark Knight Rises 8,230,000
4. The Avengers 8,110,000
5. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows 7,850,000
6. 21 Jump Street 7,590,000
7. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 7,420,000
8. The Dictator 7,330,000
9. Ice Age: Continental Drift 6,960,000
10. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 6,740,000