First we got the great news that “The Walking Dead” would have double the episodes of the first season, not it looks like we will be getting even more of the show through a new series of webisodes!

It has just been announced that Greg Nicotero will be coming on board to direct the web series that will work as a parallel story to the show.

Bloody Disgusting exclusively has learned that KNB co-founder Greg Nicotero is getting behind the camera to direct a series of webisodes for the forthcoming second season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”.

John Esposito (“The Theatre Bizarre, “Masters of Horror”) is penning the screenplays for the six episodes set to premiere this fall. We’re hearing they may also play on AMC’s annual Fearfest, although that’s unconfirmed.

Shooting next month, the webisodes follow “Hannah” and her children who take shelter in her ex-husband’s house from a horde of zombies.

Source: Bloody Disgusting