After slogging through the first half of this season of the Walking Dead, the only real cliffhanger is whether or not fans will return after the show’s winter break. Seriously though, if you’ve seen The Walking Dead this season, you’ve been treated to a slow-moving story where characters act in ways that are antithetical to their normal behavior and where producers have yet to realize that the Trash People are possibly the worst set of characters to join a show since the The Flintstones got Zazoo. Come on! The world ended less than 4 years ago, how do you lose the ability to speak cohesive English that fast?!?

Anyways, with the mid-season finale on its way next week, fans are asking: Who’s gonna die? If money had to be placed, it would probably either be Carl, Michonne, or Morgan (who we already know is leaving to join Fear the Walking Dead). In the meantime, here is the trailer for the upcoming episode, along with a clip released online and during Talking Dead: