Two big bits of news regarding The Walking Dead, today. First up, we’ve got a new trailer for the second half of the season. Along with the continued battle with Negan, it looks like Carl might now break a world’s record for the world’s longest death scene.

Meanwhile, it looks like one of the show’s major cast members could be writing herself out of the show over a pay dispute. According to CBM Lauren Cohan’s (Maggie) contract is up at the end of this season and she’s asking for a raise that would put her salary on par with Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. Unfortunately for her, the folks over at AMC balked and only offered her a small raise with a long contract term.

It could be that this is just part of normal contract negotiations, but Cohan would be a welcome addition to a lot of pilots that are currently getting ready to shoot. There’s a good chance that she could do better heading off to less walker-infested lands by the end of the season.