I was just writing up the news that Jessica Biel was in talks to play the role of Viper in the new Marvel Wolverine sequel, The Wolverine, from FOX, but before I could hit publish, I got a news alert from the people over at Deadline Hollywood who are saying that the deal is done and Biel is officially in the cast. This makes her pretty much only the second major Caucasian to be cast in the film… which is a good thing considering that most of it is set in Japan.

This is not Biel’s first time in the Marvel Rodeo. She co-starred with Wesley Snipes and Ryan Reynolds in Blade 2.

You can see Biel next when she appears with Colin Farrell in Total Recall when it hits theaters on August 3.

Here is a bit of the Viper/Wolverine backstory, care of Wikipedia:
she blackmailed Wolverine into marrying her as a means to secure her criminal empire in Madripoor. Although this was a marriage of convenience, she did request to consummate the arrangement. Some time later, her body was briefly inhabited by the spirit of Ogun, and Wolverine mortally wounded her as a means of driving the spirit from her dying body. In return for seeking medical attention to save her life, Wolverine demanded a divorce.[19] It is later implied that she actually had feelings for Wolverine.

Source: Deadline