Welcome back to another weekly zombie wrap-up. Sit back, pop open a cold one, and start the three day weekend off with some zombies. Over at Zombies & Toys, this week saw the conclusion of our first Undead Bazaar. The two month craft fair ended by featuring a zombie coloring book, zombie digital photo designer, zombie toast, zombie robots, zombie dolls, and the winners of our custom sculpted zombie magnet contest. Even though The Undead Bazaar is over, many of the contests will continue throughout July. Speaking of contests, readers of youbentmywookie still have one week to enter our first wookie-exclusive contest. All you have to do is email your name and address to ybmw@zombiesandtoys.com for a chance to win a bag of swag. This month at Zombies & Toys, we will be giving away some zombie targets and metal zombie signs.

This week, we were introduced to a talented puppeteer who happens to enjoy creating zombies. Matt Ficner creates more than just puppets and I recommend you live dangerously and visit the “dark” side of his website.

Simon Pegg brought a smile to many by tweeting a behind the scenes photo from Shaun of the Dead. The picture featured Pegg along with director, Edgar Wright, and two zombies featured early in the film. Released in 2004, Shaun of the Dead remains the zombie comedy by which all others are compared.

Capcom announced this week that they will release a film based on their Dead Rising franchise. Written and directed by Keiji Inafune, the Dead Rising film will be released for free in eight separate episodes. No word yet on where it will be available, but placing your money on Xbox Live would be a pretty safe bet. Especially since Dead Rising was an Xbox exclusive.

Capcom’s global head of research has decided to branch out. With a shoestring budget, and a guerilla filming mentality, Capcom’s Keiji Inafune has written and directed a film based on the Dead Rising series. It was filmed in Japanese, and it will be dubbed in English, French, Spanish and Italian for a worldwide release.

The story revolves around zombrex, a drug that can suppress the zombie outbreak in infected people. Then something happens, then something else happens- it is a movie about zombies and the numerous ways to kill them. Check out the trailer, there is a wheelchair that turns into a wheelchair of death. Plot was obviously not a primary motivator.

The movie will be released in eight separate parts online for free. No word yet on what medium it might choose- Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, or maybe just via a website- but we should know soon. Capcom has yet to issue a release date, but that might be a good thing following the announcement that the Dead Rising 2 game has been delayed from August 31 to September 28.

Speaking of Xbox Live, I suggest you spend one night of this three day weekend renting and streaming the latest zombie film, [REC] 2. For non-Xbox Live users, the movie is also available through Video On Demand. Don’t wait too long, the film will see a limited theatrical release this month and will not be available for download once this happens. For a full review of the film, visit Zombies & Toys. Or if you’re lazy, here’s the watered-down version:

The sequel picks up moments from where the original leaves off. You don’t need to see [REC] to enjoy or keep up with part 2 but I would recommend it. There was a remake of [REC] released a short while ago. The remake, Quarantine, is not nearly as good as the original. While [REC] was tense and scary with believable acting, Quarantine was slow and plodding with “they wouldn’t do that” moments. Don’t let the disappointment of Quarantine keep you away from [REC].

In case you have not seen the first movie, we are treated to the final moments that were caught on film as this one opens. We are then taken to a van with several SWAT team members on their way to enter the building that has been quarantined. Each member has a camera on their helmet and it is mentioned that it is important for them to document their experience. Think “Aliens” and how the Colonial Marines each had a camera. Their purpose for the cameras and the urgency of recording is explained and made more apparent as the film progresses.

Prior to entering the building, they are met with a government official who guides them in. Once inside, they are informed that the virus is spread through bodily fluids and that they must travel directly to the top floor where the source of the virus was believed to be. It is also explained why they need to travel there so urgently rather than search each floor as they ascend. Overall, [REC] 2 delivers as a great horror film and to fans of zombie films. The “shaky cam” technique works for this movie and for me was not a distraction. There were some honest jumps, believable situations, and nice twists. I enjoyed the movie and would not feel bad recommending it to others.For more pics and info, visit the film’s official site where you can also upload and create a zombie picture of yourself.

Thanks for stopping by and have a safe 4th! And remember, when the fit hits the shan, make sure to keep your head and aim for theirs.