Friday. Nothing can breathe life into a zombie employee quicker than knowing it’s the end of another work week. And what better way to end a week than to swing by YBMW for your weekly dose of zombie goodness? So grab a cup of coffee, a frothy mug of hootch, or anything else that helps you get comfy. It’s time for your weekly recap of zombie news.

I’d like to start this week by offering YBMW readers another exclusive contest. Email your name and address to for your chance to win a package of zombie goodness. We have some Zombies & Toys swag such as stickers, pins, and, magnets for you to take home. In addition, we’ll toss in some glowing zombie toys, an eye-popping voodoo zombie, some items from ZT sponsors, and a set of our new artist series buttons!

“What artist series buttons” you ask? This week Zombies & Toys released our second series of collectible artist series button packs. Each pack is limited to 100 sets and includes three images chosen by the featured artist. The fourth image is the artist’s interpretation of the Zombies & Toys logo. The first series featured works from Billy Tackett and this latest series has paintings from Bryan Colin. In addition to sculpting, painting, and customizing art toys, Brian is most-known for his zombie toy paintings that resemble some familiar-looking block toys.

We featured an interactive zombie movie this week with an unusual twist: You’re trying to deliver a pizza during the undead apocalypse! Hell Pizza (yes, there is actually a pizza chain with that name) released to the world a choose-you-own-adventure type commercial where you deliver a pizza through hordes of zombies to the hungry damsel in distress. Surprisingly well-made for a pizza commercial, Deliver Me To Hell is entertaining and worth your time.

Make your way to the zombie capital, Monroeville, PA, on August 28th. There is going to be a charity zombie car wash to benefit The Animal Rescue League. For $10, you can have a zombie bleed all over your car and then clean it up! Too cheap to spend $10? You can save $2 by arriving as a zombie yourself! The zombie car wash is sponsored by Monroeville Zombies and will be held at the site of Romero’s 1978 film, Dawn of the Dead. You guessed it, The Monroeville Mall.

This week brought us an eagerly-awaited update from Amok Time toys regarding their exclusive Tarman figure. Originally stated to have a release date of August, collectors were saddened by the news that we would have to wait until October. But, hey, at least we’ll have him for Halloween. At least, that’s what we thought until now. The new date we were given is February 2011. Sad news, indeed, but we can take comfort in knowing that Amok Time is working hard to bring us a toy worthy of the zombie it’s modeled after.

Speaking of Halloween… AMC has released the official trailer for the upcoming The Walking dead series that will premier on that day. A bootleg version of the trailer was leaked from SDCC, but it’s definitely worth your time to view it again.

Make sure to check back next week. With fall on our heels, there is sure to be a ton of zombie news to catch up on!