As you may recall from last week, we already know that there will probably be dark Elves in the sequel to Marvel’s Thor, Thor 2: The Dark World. now we are getting our first taste of a battle.

The description that we have is for a scene that is being shot in Bourne Wood, England. That fits well with a casting announcement that we saw yesterday asking for people who are good at spitting, passing and juggling fire.

Thor: The Dark World opens November 8, 2013.

Here is the description that was received by SuperHero Hype.
We will be establishing a fictional village set in another realm, with yurts and village like dressing in the bowl. The sequence involves a battle between two kingdoms, ending in our comic book hero arriving to save the day. The sequence will involve a substantial amount of Stunts and controlled special effects all within the hours 0700 – 1900hrs.

We plan to use most of the areas that are usually occupied by film units for all our support vehicles. The sequence will involve approximately 300 extras who will arrive in the early hours prior to call time to go through costume and makeup.

Source: SHH