Beta Ray Bill has been a character that fans have been wanting to see introduced to the MCU for years. There was even a nod to him when a Corbonite (his species) head was featured on the tower in Sakaar near that of The Hulk during Thor: Ragnarok. With the next film seeing at least two Thors on the big screen (Odinson and Jane Foster), there is now an increased rumble that Beta Ray Bill will be joining them at some point of the journey.

That brings us to the new rumor. Last week it was announced that Batman star, Christian Bale was in talks for an unnamed role in the upcoming Taika Waititi sequel. We theorized that Beta Ray Bill could be a good fit for Bale, as the character seems to love becoming invisible in his roles. You really can’t get much more unrecognizable than when you have the head of a horse. Most other theorists guessed that he would be playing the bad guy of the film. However, Fandomwire is claiming that their sources point to him in fact playing Beta Ray Bill.

Adding fuel to the fire that Bill is definitely on the way is the fact that his weapon is already in the MCU. In the comics, Stormbreaker is the Asgardian weapon wielded by the Corbonite. Now we just have to figure out how it ends up in his hands and out of the hands of Thor, especially since it seems likely that Jane Foster will be wielding the original Moljnir.