The current Thor comic book series from Donny Cates and Nick Klein has put the God of Thunder through the wringer. He’s not only had to become a herald of Galactus, but he’s also had to fight some major comics powers that we don’t want to spoil for you. Sufficed to say, by the time issue #7 rolled around, Thor is pretty well over it and he throws Mjolnir down to earth while he returns to Asgard.

While the big reveal of the new episode it finding out who has been deemed worthy of lifting the hammer now that Thor has tossed it, there is an awesome Easter Egg in there that is a lot of fun for any Marvel fan. Before discarding the hammer, Thor adds a little bit of new language to it –

“Call Tony Stark 212-970-4133.”

What makes this so great is that it isn’t just a fun prank between to comic book heroes. You can actually dial the number and Tony Stark will pick up. Well, his voicemail will.