This trailer hit a couple days ago, but if you missed it than you really should take a look. With a huge cast that includes Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde, Cillian Murphy, Amanda Seifried, Vincent Karthiser, Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki and and ‘White Collar’s Matthew Bomer, this movie is going to start to draw a lot of attention.

‘In Time’ is directed by the same man who made Gattaca and it does feel a little similar. Think of it as Logan’s Run meets Robin Hood. I definitely need to see more on it before I decide if the movie will earn my 11 dollars, but so far… I’m pretty impressed.

Official synopsis:

When Will Salas is falsely accused of murder, he must figure out a way to bring down a system where time is money – literally – enabling the wealthy to live forever while the poor, like Will, have to beg, borrow, and steal enough minutes to make it through another day.