I know a lot of people didn’t love Tron Legacy. Let’s be honest, The original Tron doesn’t really hold up as a great film, but it still makes me feel like an excited little kid when I see it. I think part of what got me onto the Tron Legacy bandwagon was the amazing ARG that the put together to promote it. Most moviegoers never knew it existed, but thousands of fans were banding together and competing with each other to solve puzzles and win games leading up to the film’s release. I still have some of the prizes from that on my wall and they help me overcome any lack of character development that the sequel might have suffered.

Even with it’s failings, Tron Legacy was an achievement of film making and visually stunning experience.

When the film didn’t do as well as the studio was hoping, there was some speculation that a third movie might not get made. Now, A Vancouver blog called VanCity Buzz has announced that Disney will start production of TRON 3 there this fall.

At the end of Legacy, Sam and Quorra had escaped the grid, but Flynn was still left behind. Despite being reprogrammed to be Clu’s lead henchman, Tron had finally regained his own identity, but it looked like Clu was preparing to break free from the grid and wage war against the users.

Garret Hedlund is set to return, as are Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner. I’m not sure about the status of Olivia Wilde, but I can’t see her passing it up. That leaves a whole lot of story to tell. Personally, I can’t wait.

I’m also really hoping that Paul Reubens is cast in the film. He did a great job in Tron Uprising as the voice of Pavel and I think he could actually pull off playing the character in live action as well.

Aside from that big news, we also know that Garrett Hedlund will be returning as Sam Flynn. No worries people, I am sure that Daft Punk will return as well. Hopefully with a larger part.