Just a few weeks ago, there was a general consensus that the theme parks would probably not be opening up again until next year. The news was a massive blow to the more than 50,000 employees in and around Orlando who work for Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios. With both Disney and Universal opening their free shopping areas this week, it looks like the parks are starting to feel like doors could be opening sooner than expected.

In a new announcement reported by THR, Universal Orlando has now stated that they plan to open on June 1st for cast only, followed by a soft opening for invited guests on June 3rd, and an opening to the public on June 5th.

When the park opens, it will do so with a much lower capacity than previously and with masks and temperature checks mandatory for employees and guests alike. Guests without a mask will have one provided for them.

Not all of the park will be open either. Starting with the parking, Valet services are off the table. You can park your own car. Beyond that, Misting stations (a lifesaver in the Florida Summer heat), interactive areas, and meet and greats will all be shut down for the time being. All restaurants in the park will have single-use, paper menus, but they will accept cash, unlike the current “card only” rule at Disney Springs. There will also be a bunch of signage about social distancing that most tourists will ignore.