The one thing that everyone loved in the recent reboot of Ghostbusters was the performance of Chris Hemsworth. While we’ll thankfully probably never see a sequel to that movie, but we are getting a chance to see Hemsworth spread his comedic wings again with a new spin-off to the Men In Black franchise. Today we are getting the really good news that his Thor: Ragnarok co-star, Tessa Thompson will be joining him in the film.

Not too much is known about the film, but THR is reporting that the film will take place in the same universe as the original films, while rebooting the cast, much in the same way that Jurassic World did within the Jurassic Park franchise. They are also reporting that the film will be more of an ensemble piece than a buddy comedy and it will take place on a more global scale than the films in the original franchise. It seems as though “Global Scale” is the new buzz word for “large portions of the film will take place in China.”

Source: THR