Rob Thomas, Veronica Mars creator and the mind behind the recently record breaking Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter, just did an interview with THR and he ha d a lot to say about his plans for the movie and for what he wants to bring to this year’s Comic Con.

First, when it comes to money, they have already exceeded their goal by over a million dollars. To this, Rob has stated that the more they earn, the more they can improve different aspects of the film. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“The movie is outlined but frankly, I needed to know how we were doing to figure out how to model the script and how to write it. There are very specific things that are going to be affected by what our budget is,” he says. For one, Thomas wants to be able to shoot in Southern California, where the series was originally set. That’s more expensive than, say, Vancouver or Michigan, but the palm trees are worth it.

On the small amount of blacklash he’s received in regards to putting a film owned by a major studio on kickstarter:

“I don’t think Veronica Mars is negatively affecting people that Kickstarter was built to serve, those people who are making $30-40,000 documentaries,” Thomas defends. “I think what Veronica Mars has done is brought Kickstarter to the masses. More people are now familiar with Kickstarter and more people are browsing Kickstarter for other projects who now understand what it is and what it does than there were before we launched our campaign. I think we’re bringing more eyes to that site so I think that has to be good for indie filmmakers.”

Rob also went on to say that he’s really hoping to be able to bring some footage and a panel from VERONICA MARS to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. He also announced that he will be working on a documentary that tells the story of the kickstarter program and the filming of the movie.

Source: Collider