Oddities Seeks Unusual Collectors And Unusual Items

Discovery Channel’s new show ODDITIES follows the owners of NY’s popular OBSCURA as they examine strange and extraordinary science artifacts and the unique individuals who collect them. From mummy hands to artistic miniatures made of toenails, ODDITIES has it all. A recent episode featured celebrity Amy Sedaris purchasing a giant lobster claw, a man with a taxidermied two headed calf, a policeman with a medicinal electrical generator, and a future episode will feature author and toy maven Mike Drake.

Oddities is currently seeking collectors with unique and unusual obsessions for next season. You don’t have to own a giant collection of bizarre goods to be on the show, all it takes is one eye-catching possession. Have a sarcophagus left by your great uncle, or a freeze dried goat given to you by a spinster Aunt? A 1940’s prosthetic arm left in your attic by the former resident? If so, we want to meet you!

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