I guess the buzz around Pacific Rim must be really strong. Why else would this suddenly be on the table as a film adaptation after sitting around for two decades?

Robotech, or Macross as a lot of people know it by was one of the coolest cartoons/ animes ever made. It was such an iconic mech show that they even combined it with other US shows through either animation or toys.

I remember having a Transformer that was a Robotech vehicle. It even became integrated into the comic book. I also remember one of my favorite shows from when I was young, Exo-Squad. That show didn’t combine with Robotech on TV, but they released several co-branded toys.

Anyways, Robotech has been floating around in Development hell since 2007, but it took Pacific Rim to shake it loose and push it towards production.

Warner Bros is making the film with commercial director Nic Mathieu in talks to run the show.

How long before Gundam gets picked up?

Source: Collider