In case you’ve been frozen in carbonite for the past year, Star Wars is being re-released yet again, but this in glorious Blu-ray. It won’t just be a regular rerelease however, it is said to feature some subtle new changes that’s suppose to make the movie better. Such as the new CGI Yoda or the “Noooooooooo-ing” Darth Vader. Below are clips of these new changes. As you can see, they’re not as major as some of the new additions from the 1997 rerelease of “A New Hope.”

Obi-Wan’s new dragon impression:

Jabba’s Palace’s ginormous new door:

Tie fighters added to the final Return of the Jedi battle scene. (At the end of the video)

Wicket can now blink. An EWOK WITH EYELIDS!