First there were movie trailers. Then, over time, that was no longer enough so we invented teaser trailers that would give you a glimpse of what you could expect to see in the trailer. Now, we have what might be the stupidest form of movie marketing ever created… The teaser teaser trailer. This isn’t the first time that it is occurred. I’m pretty sure that MTV pulled the same crap for Twilight Breaking Dawn at their MTV movie awards. Maybe it’s just an MTV thing, but it will probably spread like some unseemly marketing herpes through the film industry.

OK, enough about the complete stupidity of the teaser teaser. Hate them or not, it does remind us that this Sunday, at the MTV VMA’s, you will have your first chance to see some footage from the highly anticipated ‘The Hunger Games’.

The footage will be introduced by the movie’s female lead, Jennifer Lawrence and will be posted up on this site just as soon as it airs, so don’t feel like you’ve got to sit through Lady Gaga to see it.