Latino Review is out with their scoop on which Heroes DC will place in starring roles in their upcoming Justice League movie. The answers are not really all that surprising, and the good news is that only die hard fish fans will really be disappointed.

The movie, which comes out in 2015, along side the Avenger sequel and features the bad guy (Darkseid) who The Avengers’ Bad Guy (Thanos) was the inspiration for, will star:

1) Superman
2) Batman
3) Green Lantern
4) Wonder Woman
5) The Flash

But take heart, people who like second stringers, there will be a couple of cameo heroes making appearances from the B team. Currently, those consist of :

6) Martian Manhunter
7) Aquaman
8) Hawkman

Those really are the core characters of the DC universe, so it does make sense.

We’ll have more news for you as it comes!

Source: Latino Review